My name is Cammessia. My friends call me Camm. 

I am 42 yrs old. I am a survivor. I am a SLE lupus warrior. I am angel Mama.  

Aphasia has robbed me of my ability to communicate at the level I once could. My eyesight and concentration have been affected by the last stroke. I was diagnosed with a stroke of the eye on friday.

This journey has tested my composure and my mental restraint. I am here to motivate others to find their strength and light during their journey. 


I have a history of strokes. I had my first stroke 32 years ago. The doctors found the early stages of lupus and high blood pressure. Sadly, the doctors never checked for any other medical conditions until I was 19. I was misdiagnosed with blood cancer after losing my son. That was my 3rd stroke. I had several TIAs then at age 40; months after my birthday, I had the 4th stroke.

I now have 3 different medical teams assisting me. 


  1. Seek Help
  2. Have the confidence to speak up
  3. Be present with your journey., 
  4. NOONE can tell your story. Always remember that your experience speaks louder and boldly, over anyone’s experience
  5. DON’T give up
  6. Always question what doesn’t make sense
  7. A second opinion or referral may bring you peace and clarity 

Houston, TX